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Game Dev Tycoon4.8

*rated “overwhelmingly positive” based on 16,771 reviews from Steam and 7,000+ ratings from the Windows Store. 11. Aug. 2015

Replay gaming history. Create best selling games. Research new technologies. Become the leader of the market and gain worldwide fans.

Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon is a business simulation game available for Windows, Mac and Linux as well as on the Windows Store. In Game Dev Tycoon you replay the history of the gaming industry by starting your own video game development company in the 80s. Create best selling games. Research new technologies and invent new game types. Become the leader of the market and gain worldwide fans.

Start out in the 80s

Start your adventure in a small garage office in the 80s. Enjoy the hand-crafted level design while you develop your first simple games. Gain experience, unlock new options and create your first game engine.

Create games your way

In Game Dev Tycoon the decisions you make during development really matter. Decide which areas you want to focus on. Does your game need more gameplay or should you focus more on quests? These decisions will have a major impact on the success of your game.

Expand your company

Once you have successfully released a few games you can move into your own office and forge a world-class development team. Hire staff, train them and unlock new options.

Make larger, more complex games

With experience and a good team, you can release larger, more complex games. Larger games bring new challenges and you will have to manage your team well to deliver hit games.

Unlock labs and conduct industry-changing projects

Move beyond just releasing games and conduct industry-changing projects by unlocking labs later in the game. There are a number of secret projects that can be completed.

The full game has many more features which are not listed here to prevent spoilers.

Less Social. Less Ville. More Game.

We love simulation games and that’s why we are proud to bring the very first simulation game to the Windows Store. It isn’t one of these ‘social’ or ‘ville’ type games either but a solid single player tycoon game which have become way too rare in our opinion. In Game Dev Tycoon there are no virtual coins that you need to buy. You don’t need to invite or bother your friends to be able to progress and developing a game or gaining experience doesn’t have you waiting for hours or days, it happens right in front of you. In order to give you this experience the game is not free but has a small up-front price. By purchasing the game you can enjoy a pure experience without constant reminders to purchase something and without distracting ads. You also support a small start-up and help to make sure that we can bring you more games in the future.


First thing I bought on the marketplace

As I tested the early releases of Windows 8, I also played just about every demo that was available on the marketplace. This is the only one that so utterly captivated me that I had to buy it. Awesome concept, awesome simulator, and the full version is much harder and much more immersive than the demo. Hypnotoad says BUY IT!

(United States)

Extremely enjoyable

This game has so much depth to it it’s hard to believe; throughout 25 in-game years I’d done numerous amounts of contract work, a six-game series, created a digital distribution program, set up a convention, and so much more, and considering the fact that I’d only covered less than half the options, that’s quite impressive. Also had a lot of control over the development of in-game games. Had loads of fun, highly recommended.

(United Kingdom)

Great Game!

I bought this game with some trepidation after trying the demo. I am glad I did as it is great fun! Don’t be fooled by the slow starting demo as things get really diverse and deep come the end, just like a good tycoon game should.

Matthew (United Kingdom)

Simply The Best

With the full release now out, this game has already provided me many more hours of enjoyment than its price tag would suggest it should. Brilliant concept, well executed with stellar customer support to boot. Better than most AAA publishers I might add. A definite MUST BUY for any windows 8/mobile user. Good Job!

Kai (Australia)


Why is the game not free?
Usually, free games make their money by selling you virtual coins or items and often those things are required to really enjoy a game. We don’t like this approach for this type of game. Game Dev Tycoon has a free trial so you can try it before you buy. Once you buy it you can enjoy the full game without being bothered by in-app purchases or ads.
By purchasing the game you will also support us and ensure that we can bring you more games in the future.
If I buy the game now, will I get a Steam key?
I purchased the Windows Store version can I get the native Windows/Mac version (or the other way around)?
No, but you can currently get a Steam key from within the Windows Store version of the game.
Will you translate the game into my language?
We have started a number of translations already and many of the complete ones are available as a beta or have been released.
Do I need to be online while playing the game?
No, we decided to publish the non-Store version without any DRM in place. This does not mean that you can simply use the game however you like. You still need to buy the game in order to play it. We are independent developers and rely on your support. Your purchase counts (more than you might think)!
Are there any updates or DLC planned?
Apart from translations into other languages there are no DLC or other updates planned. We are currently busy working on Game #2.

Will you port the game to my phone or console?

We currently do not have plans to port the game to more platforms. It will be a while before we will be able to consider other platforms for the game.

Game questions

Where is the research menu in the second office?
Once you are in the second office you have two menus. One, when you click on the background and another one when you click on a specific character. To research something you have to click on a character.
I always go bankrupt in the second office. Help!
For some tips on how to survive the second office see here (spoilers!).
I’m stuck in the R&D lab. How can I get out?
In addition to left-clicking and dragging the mouse, you can also use your arrow keys (left arrow, right arrow) to navigate between labs.
Can I play longer than 35 years?
Yes, once the normal game time is up, your score is calculated and there will be no more platform releases but you can still continue to play and unlock things.

If you prefer a longer/shorter game then you can also customize the game length. To do this click on the little cog icon on the screen where you enter your company name. This setting cannot be changed for existing save-games.

Technical issues

For help and advice with download and installation please see our support page.


For past changes please see the changelog.

For information how to update the game please refer to this page.

Comment, Request & Report Bugs

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